Conference Overview

Hosted in London, the Cybersecurity Protecting Critical Infrastructure Conference will provide the ideal platform to bring together government, companies and organisations from the private and public sectors to discuss and share the latest content on Cybersecurity Solutions and Critical National Infrastructure. (CNI)

The 2-day conference will provide an insight into current and emerging challenges and threats, best practices, policy updates, solutions and case studies.

The conference is designed for CISOs, Heads of IT, CTOs, Chief Security Officers, Cyber Architects, Thought leaders, Academics and Senior Cyber leaders from Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and Cybersecurity Solution Providers.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Advisory Board

Dr John McCarthy

Professor Chris Hankin

Gavin Millard

Stuart Peck

Jane Frankland

Alfred Rolington

Arun E Thomas

Annamaria Cooper

David Prince

Dr Julio Hernandez-Castro

Graham Wright

Greg Day

Stephen Love

Professor Tim Watson

Anthony Smyth


Day 1

8.10 am - Registration

9.00 am - Cyber Security and the Convergence of IT and OT

  • Increasing complexity in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) introduces both efficiencies and risk
  • There is a lot of IT in OT (Operational Technology) - IT moves data and OT moves things
  • It is the security of the connectivity in IT and OT which bears examination

SPEAKER: Richard Bell - Acting CISO - TfL

9.30 am - Industrial Cyber Security - Security Capability of the Supply Chain

  • Capability Divide
  • Common Sense Methodologies
  • Cyber Game Experience

SPEAKER: Cevn Vibert - Independent Cyber Advisor and Trainer - Vibert Solutions

10.15 am - Networking

11.00 am - Darktrace Presentation - An Industrial Immune System: Using Machine Learning for Next Generation ICS Security

  • How new machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced threat detection
  • Why 100% network visibility allows you to preempt emerging situations, in real time, across both IT and OT environments 
  • How smart prioritisation and visualization of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk 
  • Real-world examples of detected OT threats, from non-malicious insiders to sophisticated cyber-attackers

SPEAKER: Hayley Turner, Commercial Director, Darktrace

11.30 am - Ransomware - It's impact on IoT and Critical Infrastructure

  • Minimal Standards
  • DLP Technology
  • Protection

SPEAKER: Dr. Julio-Hernandez Castro, Expert Computer Security, Kent University

12.00 pm - Security through cloud scale intelligence - the Microsoft perspective

  • How Microsoft uses a Protect, Detect & Respond to secure its infrastructure and customers data
  • Developing an Intelligent Security Graph through the collection & analysis of trillions of events per day 
  • How technology and experts work together to make real time security decisions
  • How other organisations can use this approach

SPEAKER: Robert Hayes, Executive Cybersecurity Adviser EMEA, Microsoft12.30 pm - Lunch

1.30 pm - SIGA Presentation - Wakeup call - the lack and limits of cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures

  • The increased vulnerability of ICS/SCADA OT layers
  • Why it so hard to protect the OT layers
  • Unique and innovative solution for ANY PLC oriented processes

SPEAKER: Pini Huber, VP Cyber Development, SIGA

2.00 pm - Panel Discussion - Existing and Developing threats to (CNI) Critical National Infrastructure

  • Perennial Challenges 
  • New threats - drones 
  • Industry working together
  • Government Vs Private Sector

Chair: Dr. John McCarthy, CEO, Oxford Systems
SPEAKER: Hayley Turner, Commercial Director, Darktrace
SPEAKER: Anna-Maria Cooper, Information Security Manager, Yorkshire Water
SPEAKER: Professor Tim Watson, Tim Watson, Director, WMG Cyber Security Centre, University of Warwick

2.30 pm - Building a Cyber Resilient CNI

  • What sort of people do we need?
  • Training verses Education
  • Resilience isn't hardening
  • Risks and uncertainties

SPEAKER: Professor Tim Watson, Tim Watson, Director, WMG Cyber Security Centre, University of Warwick

3.00 pm - Networking

3.45 pm - The Next Generation of CISO - What Should the Board Look for in This Crucial Appointment

  • How the role of the CISO has evolved
  • How to recruit an effective CISO
  • How to stop wasting money on cyber security

SPEAKER: Azeem Bashir, Global CISO - Board Advisor, Elected Governor & Chairman , Veretam

4.15 pm - Drinks reception

Day 2

8.10 am - Registration

9.00 am - Creating a Cyber Security Culture

  • Social Engineering concepts 
  • Understand the nature of Social Engineering attacks
  • The business impacts of Cyber Security breaches 
  • In business terms, how hackers choose and attack their targets
  • Cyber Hygiene and Creating a Cyber Security Culture

SPEAKER: Dr. John McCarthy, CEO, Oxford Systems

9.30 am - AGARI Presentation

  • Exploring the Growth in Email Social Engineering & How to Defend Against it
  • Explore current trends in identity deception and social engineering, being used to gain access to confidential data or critical systems. 
  • Describe a set of new defence mechanisms and offer new perspectives on ways to prevent email compromise.
  • Explore the steps you can take to protect your entire email channel including customers, employees, suppliers and business partners from advanced email threats.

SPEAKER: Anthony Smyth, Senior Systems Engineer, AGARI

10.15 am - Networking

11.00 am - Panel Discussion

  • CNI - IS it time to rethink?
  • Technical Debt
  • Ageing infrastructures

CHAIR: Professor Chris Hankin, Director, Institute for Security Science and Technology Imperial College London
SPEAKER: Richard Bell, Acting CISO - TfL
SPEAKER: Alfred Rollington, CEO, Cyber Security Intelligence
SPEAKER: Stuart Peck, Cyber Security Strategist, ZeroDayLab

11.30 am - What does the rapid pace of digitisation and commoditisation mean for CNI?

  • Sabotage
  • Disruption of service
  • Structure of attacks
  • Smart meters

SPEAKER: Professor Chris Hankin, Director, Institute for Security Science and Technology Imperial College London

12.00 pm - Current and Future Legislation in the development of a robust Cybersecurity Policy

  • GDPR
  • Choices for best practice ISO27001 or NIST Cybersecurity Framework? 
  • Effects of Brexit?
  • Critical Infrastructure working together

SPEAKER: Stephen Love, Transformation & Security Practice, Computacenter

12.30 pm - Lunch

1.30 pm - OSINT, threat hunting and connecting the dots.

  • How to maximise OSINT and intel sharing to outfox adversaries
  • Beyond Indicators of Compromise
  • Why reconnaissance through the "eyes of an attacker" can strengthen your defensive position?

SPEAKER: Stuart Peck, Cyber Security Strategist, ZeroDayLab

2.00 pm - Hack Demo

  • Reconnaissance - Google Dorking
  • Reputational Damage - Defacing of Corporate website
  • Breaking the Perimeter - Compromising a network device
  • Network Disruption and Corruption - DNS poisoning
  • Social Engineering - The consequences of gaining physical access

SPEAKER: Dr. John McCarthy, CEO, Oxford Systems

2.30 pm - The biggest threat to Critical Infrastructure

  • People are your single biggest threat
  • Mitigating human risk
  • Preparing for the inevitable

SPEAKER: Cal Leeming, CEO, Lyons Leeming

3.00 pm - Networking

3.45 pm - Diversity in cybersecurity: is it relevant, or is it just creating division?

  • Understand the current situation and why diverse teams in cyber security in the CPNI matter.
  • Gain a true understanding of the three main challenges the industry needs to overcome if it's going to increase diversity.
  • Learn how to attract talent through technology and best practice processes whilst keeping costs down.
  • Find out how to cultivate talent through internal and collaborative programmes plus what's reasonable in terms of the lifecycle of a modern cyber security professional.
  • Establish what cultural changes you can make in your department so you retain happy staff operating happily within it or cultivating a more diverse workforce.

SPEAKER: Jane Frankland, CISO, Advisor and Speaker


Richard Bell
Deputy CISO

Annamaria Cooper
Yorkshire Water
Information Security Manager

Dr Julio Hernandez-Castro
Kent University
Expert Computer Security

Professor Tim Watson
Warwick University

Jane Frankland
Cyber Security Capital
CISO, Advisor & Speaker

Alfred Rolington
Cyber Security Intelligence

Professor Hankin
Imperial College

Dr John McCarthy
Oxford System
Thought Leader

Pini Huber
VP Cyber Development

Azeem Bashir
Global CISO, CDO & Speaker

Stuart Peck
Head of Cyber Security Strategy

Cevn Vibert
Vibert Solutions
Independent Advisor and Speaker

Robert Hayes
Executive Cybersecurity Advisor, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Anthony Smyth
Senior Systems Engineer

Hayley Turner
Commercial Director

Cal Leeming
Lyons Leeming

Stephen Love
Security Solutions Architect



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Dr John McCarthy

Oxford Systems - Thought Leader

Chairman of Advisory Board

Dr John McCarthy is a world authority on Cybersecurity strategy, development and implementation. He holds a PhD in Cybersecurity and e-Business Development and is an internationally recognized author of a few academic papers discussing all aspects of Cybersecurity in the modern world.

John is frequently invited to sit on expert panels and appear as an expert speaker at well-known Cybersecurity events. Past appearances have included talks on ICT Security in the Modern Airport, Security in the Digital Age and SCADA threats in the Modern Airport at various prominent international conferences. John is also a leading expert on social engineering awareness training and best practice.

Based at multiple Universities John also heads a research team examining the potential cyber threats to IT systems. His current research focus is a joint Anglo-American project involving both UK and USA universities

Professor Chris Hankin

Imperial College - Professor

Deputy Chairman of Advisory Board

Professor Hankin joined Imperial in 1984 and was promoted to Professor in 1995. He is Director of the Institute for Security Science and Technology, a cross-faculty research institute focussed on applying science and technology to challenges from security and resilience. His research is in cyber security and data analytics. He is Director of the CPNI/EPSRC Research Institute on Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems that is focused on securing critical national infrastructure and SCADA systems. He serves on several UK Government committees concerning cyber security and is a member of the ACM Europe Council.

Dr Julio Hernandez-Castro

Kent University - Expert Computer Security

Dr Julio Hernandez-Castro is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Security at the Computer Science Department of Kent University and at the Kent Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Centre. He is also a member of the Europol Experts Network. He specialises in IoT security and ransomware, and works in these topics within the RAMSES EU H2020 and the EPSRC EMPHASIS projects. He is the co-author of the Kent Cyber-Security Survey and works in the study of Steganography and Randomness.

Professor Tim Watson

Warwick University - Professor

Professor Tim Watson is the Director of the Cyber Security Centre at WMG within the University of Warwick. With more than twenty-five years' experience in the computing industry and in academia, he has been involved with a wide range of computer systems on several high-profile projects and has acted as a consultant for some of the largest telecoms, power and oil companies. He is an adviser to various parts of the UK government and to several professional and standards bodies. Tim's current research includes EU funded projects on combating cyber-crime, UK MoD research into automated defence, insider threat and secure remote working, and EPSRC funded research, focusing on the protection of critical national infrastructure against cyber-attack. Tim is a regular media commentator on digital forensics and cyber security.

Jane Frankland

Cyber Security Capital - CISO, Advisor & Speaker

Jane Frankland is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and consultant. She is also an SC Awards Judge for Europe and the USA, and is one of the top 25 influencers in the UK cyber security market. Jane has 19-years worth of experience in cyber security, has built and sold her own global penetration testing firm, Corsair, and held senior executive positions at several large PLCs, including the NCC Group. Over the years, through her companies, she has been actively involved in OWASP, CREST, and the Cyber Essentials Scheme, and has served as a Board Advisor for a CISO forum with over 170 senior cyber security leaders. Jane believes passionately in freedom, empowerment, and entrepreneurship, and through her new consultancy, Cyber Security Capital, she is helping cyber security individuals, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs meet their performance objectives. Her book, which is about women in security, is due for release in 2017.

Alfred Rolington

Cyber Security Intelligence - CEO

Co-founder of Cyber Security Intelligence. Alfred Rolington is a noted expert on Cyber Security and Intelligence matters. Previously CEO of Oxford Analytica and of Janes Information Group, his latest book, Strategic Intelligence for the 21st Century - The Mosaic Method is Published by Oxford University Press. He has an MA from Warwick University.

Arun E Thomas

Net Sentries - CTO

A high profile Technologist with 14 plus years of experience in Core Enterprise Security, SOC, Cloud Security and IoT, IIoT and Industrial Control System Threat Analytics. An Information Security Guru, holds numerous certificates and patents in Information Security domain. Regularly receive executive special invitation to organizations and universities for seminars, workshops and guest lecturing. An active promoter of Open source security solutions for IoT, IIoT and Industrial Control Systems. A prominent personality in the Information Security industry throughout the Middle East, APAC and EMEA. An Information Security expert, Author and Inventor who has achieved remarkable success for his contributions to Threat Analytics, Threat Management, Incident Response and Advanced IS consulting.

Annamaria Cooper

Yorkshire Water - Information Security Manager

Annamaria is currently the Information Security Manager for Kelda Group, a major subsidiary being Yorkshire Water. She has a broad experience of information security and information assurance across several large organisations in a variety of sectors. Her previous roles include Information Security Policy & Compliance Manager for the BBC. She currently has overall responsibility for implementing the information security improvement programme including information security policy development & implementation, information risk management, compliance (internal & external) and delivery of the information security training & awareness programme for all staff. Put simply, her role is about business transformation & culture change in respect of information security and providing assurances to the business that the appropriate security controls are in place and working effectively.

David Prince

Baringa - Cyber Director

David is a deeply passionate and hands-on cyber and information security professional with considerable experience in the energy sector and demonstrated success in helping organisations across industry meet their strategic cyber and information security objectives. During his career, David, has gained significant experience as an in-house CISO for a large multi-national and as a consultant focussing on cyber and information security strategy, data protection, and crises response. David is listed in both the City Wealth and Spears Wealth Management Leaders list as a trusted advisor.

Gavin Millard

Tenable Network Security - EMEA Technical Director

Gavin is a trained, ethical hacker who works with medium and large enterprises to address their cybersecurity challenges. With a deep understanding of how attackers plot a breach, he helps bring these companies to a trusted state of IT infrastructure. He previously worked as the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) technical director for Tripwire. He has also spoken frequently on data integrity, hacking and other key security topics. Current Position: As Technical Director, EMEA, Gavin is involved with the major clients in the EMEA region, helping to manage and reduce their attack surface.

Graham Wright

National Grid - CISO

Graham joined National Grid as CISO and Global Head of Digital Risk in April 2014 after holding senior positions in cybersecurity with organisations in Ministry of Defence, Central Government and in the private sector. He joined National Grid from Northrop Grumman where he led their UK Cyber and Intelligence interests.; and prior to that was Deputy Director of the Office of Cyber Security in the Cabinet Office where he was responsible for leading the planning and resourcing of the National Cyber Security Strategy. Graham has also acted as the Special Advisor on Cyber Security for the House of Commons Defence Committee; and currently chairs the UK pan-sector Emergency Executive Committee for Cyber Security.

Greg Day

Palo Alto Networks - Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer, EMEA.

In his current role, Greg Day is responsible for regional cybersecurity strategy and the development of threat intelligence, security best practices and thought leadership for Palo Alto Networks in EMEA. With 25 years of experience in the area of digital security, Greg has helped organisations, large and small across the public and private sector, to understand risk posture and put in place strategies to manage it. He is widely acknowledged as an industry thought leader and experienced practitioner, capable of translating technology challenges into actionable business solutions.

Stephen Love

Computacenter - Transformation & Security Practice

Working in IT for nearly two decades, Stephen Love has a very varied skill set and background from support to implementation and working in field from Endpoint devices through applications, servers and Data Centre. Before focusing on networking and Security, while more recently becoming very security focused holding a Security Architect position for the last seven years during which time he has been given the opportunity to build a dedicated security practice in a Cisco Gold partner based in London and Global Systems Integrator Insight. 

Stuart Peck

ZeroDayLab - Head of Cyber Security Strategy

Stuart Peck heads up Cyber Security Strategy for ZeroDayLab and runs the situational threat awareness program for executives and general employees, and has personally delivered threat briefings to many FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 board level executives and directors throughout the UK and Europe. Stuart has over 13 years experience in the information security industry, including delivering many threat intelligence, social engineering, and incident response projects. He is also an expert on the dark web, and regularly is asked to deliver talks on the latest attacker trends facing organisations today.

Anthony Smyth

Agari - Senior Systems Engineer

Anthony Smyth leads Agari technical customer engagements in Europe. He has over 15 years of experience in deployments of security solutions to leading enterprises. Prior to Agari Anthony was a Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco, joining Cisco via the acquisition of IronPort, where he managed the UK Systems Engineer team